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Editing and Proofreading Jobs for You

In the world of freelancing, clients need great writers and they need great editors. While we know there are many excellent writers who are looking for writing jobs, we also know there are many expert editors who are looking for freelance proofreading jobs. Good writers are rather easy to find, but good editors and proofreaders are not as common. Many editors can get through short pieces of writing, but the challenge comes when we are looking to fill book editing job opportunities. If you are a strong editor and you are on the hunt for freelance editing jobs, we encourage you to submit your application to JobForWriter.com.

We have a full list of clients who are looking to fill freelance proofreading jobs for a wide variety of reasons. From editing their website content to cleaning up college admissions essays, people need expert editors with a powerful grasp of the conventions of writing. Freelance editing jobs are not as common as writing jobs, but they are equally important.

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In many cases we are needed to fill a job for editors because someone hired a freelance writer with limited language skills. The writing they created and submitted was so poor that it could not be used; therefore, clients have no other option but to hire an expert editor to clean it up and make it readable. This happens more often than most freelance writers think and it tends to happen to clients who hire writers for cheap on other websites. As a high-end freelance website, we understand the importance of finding the perfect job for editors who are looking to expand their customer base and get their names out into the industry.

Along with cleaning up the poor work of non-native speaking freelance writers, we also get requests for editors who can clean up a poorly written book. With the popularity of online publishing and novel-writing contests, people come to us to find editors who can complete book editing jobs. This task requires the stamina and note-taking skills to follow a story from start to finish. It also includes keeping track of chapters, characters, and locations to be sure the books actually makes sense from start to finish. If you believe that you have the skills necessary to properly editing an entire book, we encourage you to give us a try.

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We also look for proofreaders and editors who can work with students in all levels of school. From the doctoral candidate working on a dissertation to high school students working on a research paper, we want provide the proofreading skills for their needs. We know that many students turn to online grammar checkers, but the website do not always work as expected. Nothing can replace the watchful eye of a proofreader scrutinizing a text to ensure that it meets the needs of the assignment and it meets the needs of the writing and researching style.

Expert proofreaders and editors need to look no further for a rewarding and well-paying job because JobForWriter.com is here.